1. I can’t be held responsible for my actions after Richard Armitage mentioned the idea of being in “The Cherry Orchard” one day… well… he may have his own ideas but this is mine.


  2. Richard Armitage In Conversation

    Richard’s face when he sees 99.8% of the audience are female and are throwing shreds of cotton into the air. (Or maybe that will just be me) 

    Ambience Richard, ambience. 

  3. Well, it’s nearly September 2nd and you know what that means? Richard Armitage in conversation at The Old Vic. 

    I’m packing my bags with raw cotton and a portable fan because it’s going to be a Margaret Hale moment… although I don’t think he’ll be beating some dude up for smoking OR if he is… that’s cool. Love you Richard! *Girly wave* 

    Fangirls United 

  4. How normal people would have dealt with Guy of Gisborne… End of series. 

  5. Robin Hood, Guy of Gisborne

    Season 1, Episode 12

    Richard Armitage

    Or “Lady Marian is an idiot”